Top 10 New Year Resolutions 2016

A new year starts with a new zest, new energy all over, and everything spring up a new life in itself. At the beginning we sow the seeds of a resolution that we think will spread light on our way and guide our path over the year. I am aware that people don’t follow these the whole year and this is just a matter of days or just round the clock ,but remember a strong and moral resolution is the one which becomes your power and gives you power to accomplish and triumph in everyday life and which aligns with your good self. There is no exhaustive set of resolutions that applies to everyone, but the following points will guide you in making the resolutions:

Top 10 new year resolutions

Top 10 new year resolutions

  • Scout for the realistic resolutions in your life. Because as usual most of the years, we make unrealistic resolutions without any pragmatic thinking in advance and resolution which was strong and resolute as a rock turns into dust. This is most frustrating because one can’t even keep the promise he made with himself.

realistic resolutions

  • Time can’t be reverted; everything which has happened in the past, our wrongdoing, actions that have a negative impact on us and people around, can’t be reverted. But we perceive the new year to be a new start and believe that we can’t back the time but at least we can ensure that these won’t repeat in the future by making our resolutions. Be a good person and lead a good life.

save time

  • Above all comes our health because without health, even a person with riches can’t lead a peaceful life. He won’t be able to enjoy life and anything else. Health is wealth and spending on health is an investment. Health must be the top priority. Take plenty of sleep, do yoga and meditation and remain fit. Yoga and meditation also brings a positive approach to life.

health is wealth


  •  Seek financial wellness. Lose up the burden of loan if any and save some for the uncertainties by reducing unnecessary expenses and continuously make investment so that the money grows for the future and builds up your buffer corpus and donate some for the people who are needy and feel a generous you in self as you have made lives better.

finalcial wellness

  • Acquire skills. Learning has no age and you can learn anything anytime whether they may reconcile to your present profession or not. We should not always be pragmatic while learning new things. If you haven’t got anything in mind, you can start from learning a language. The idea is to keep the mind engaged in some activity so that it may not get rusted when the need so arises.


  • Amid the stress and the workload, don’t forget the family and friends (F&Fs). Spend time with them and take them wander around with you. It’s because memories with the F&F’s are beautiful remembrances for a person, that sometimes are even helpful when you are lone in the sack of stress.


  • Indulge in activities that are frolicsome and hilarious. Be happy, keep smiling and try to bring smile on other’s faces. Intrinsic happiness in one’s self helps a person to raise his inner confidence and bolsters his immune system.

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  • One of the most important, most of the people never pay heed to- waste management. One should also vow to keep its surroundings clean, if possible dispose the biodegradable and non-biodegradable distinctly and why only with the waste you can also give things such as extra food or medicine maybe even your used shoes and clothes to those deprived. This way we can benefit the society reduce the waste feel great in our self having done a good deed.


  •  You should always try to overcome an aversion or fear or mental block. For example, I was afraid of spiders, but last year, I got rid of this. Now I am afraid no more. This way you feel liberated.


  •  The best, you can give life to a sapling and turn the green more greener. Donate blood and eyes, kidneys anything after death. Join a club and take part in the societal activities and also be active on the social media platform but to a limit.
  • The last resolution, you won’t break the resolution no matter what.

In short, just leverage your new year resolutions to change yourself in a positive way that turn you in to a good person that other people admire. It’s new year eve don’t avoid the fun, party hard, dance till you drop.

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